praise from clients


"We have been close friends with Sabine for close to 20 years, and over that time have come to really enjoy and appreciate her culinary talents. Sabine has cooked us many unique and mouth watering meals, as well as working with Michele, preparing meals together.

Sabine combines European flair with American ingenuity in her cooking style, and has an ability to skillfully adjust meals to cater to any type of preference.

Sabine creates wonderfully personalized dishes that are always a treat. In fact, we literally have had relatives in Europe that look forward to visiting here, so that they get the chance to indulge in one of her home prepared specialties.

Whether it is eating at Sabine's house, or enjoying a pre-prepared meal, it is always a fantastic experience. Sabine has the innate ability to create masterpieces that showcase an eclectic style, and reflect her own radiant personality.

Everything Sabine has ever made for us surpasses even the loftiest expectations. Sabine's extensive experience and educational background provide the platform for her skills to shine through.

Sabine is simply a fantastic person, and her character is very evident in her work. Sabine takes such pride in her work that her cooking is a refection of her personality. We constantly boast about Sabine's abilities, and our friends who have tried her meals all agree - Sabine, naturally is great."

/  Iain and Michele Rooney  /


Everything went well. We indulged in leftovers for dinner tonight! So tasty and yummy! The salmon bites and mushroom bites were a hit!!! The chicken satay and Greek skewers were delicious! 

/  Rachel Z.  /

Chicken lasagna is divine. I could eat that every day … forever.

Turkey burgers — my absolute favorite. I could eat that every day, all day long.

/ John L., Bainbridge Island /

The stuffed filet of sole with lemon sauce was a hit. It’s a keeper for our repertoire. The gnocchi dish was delicious!

/ Wanda and Dave M., Winslow /

The coconut-crusted cod was AMAZING! Definitely one of my favorites.

During dinner on Friday, Gisele looks at me and says, “Mommy, Ms. Sabine cooks way better than you or Daddy.”

Tonight at dinner, Lucas started crying when all the meatballs were gone. I think they are by far the children’s favorite. I just had to let you know because it was so cute and the ultimate compliment to you!

We ate the fish sticks and butternut squash fries for dinner and they were absolutely delicious!! We will have the rest for lunch tomorrow!

Thank you for everything you do for us! You are amazing!

/ Emma Becker, Poulsbo /